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We recently had the pleasure of speaking to Mercury Dockline about Trout Camp, and we couldn’t be more excited to sit down with them and tell them a bit more about what we do. There are few things we love more than fishing – and coincidentally, one of them is talking about fishing. Mercury Dockline did a fantastic job of capturing the magic of Trout Camp while highlighting some of the reasons why people keep coming back year after year. Check out the full piece below!

 “It is, as the literature reads, “15 miles north of the end of the road.”

Considering that “the end of the road”– the settlement of Southend, Saskatchewan, Canada (population 35) – is already 150 miles north of the nearest stoplight, 15 miles beyond that might sound more like the end of the Earth.

But as you push off the dock of Reindeer Lake Trout Camp and a third-generation Cree Nation guide points the 18-foot skiff south onto the sprawling, pike- and Mackinaw-rich waters of Reindeer Lake, this particular spot quickly seems like exactly the right place to be if you’ve arrived here with a fishing rod in your hand.”

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